Our meeting place.

Our meeting place.

Sandbridge Virginia Beach is where I used to go to write in my journal to God. I would visit the ocean weekly to write to my father in heaven. In my journal my entries say ” dear papa” I poured out my hopes, sorrow and prayers. I cried, out to God in desperate moments in my life. After two years of soul searching it was there I felt the presence and calmness of God in my life. He leads me to still waters. My years lived in VB 2010 thru 2012 were just stepping stones in my life to make me who I am today. It was there I realized that living in a beautiful place is not the same if I had no one to share it with as in my family. Today I am strong in faith and serve The Lord my God. One amazing thing about this painting in the center of the painting is a small white and blue image almost resembling a outline on Jesus walking toward the ocean. I didn’t paint that my mother pointed it out one summer morning . It was suppose to be water but the image keeps appearing back. Even if it is a defected canvas I decided to leave it alone. It is my special signature for this painting.’

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