On earth as it is in heaven….

On earth as it is in heaven....

Where to begin..this oil painting was created in spring thru summer 2013. At the time of this painting I became spiritually connected to the book of revelation. I was so involved with the words and meanings that I literally started to dream about the gates to heaven. Of course my painting doesn’t even compare to the beauty and brightness of heaven nor my dream.
In my dream I saw a yellow gold passageway leading to two large white gates made out of wrought iron or sturdy material. I saw more than one gate, two other gates on each side almost like east and west. The gates where heavy and tall in height. I was just standing there looking I felt so small. I dreamt of a man guarding the gate.. and brightness beyond the gate. He cracked the gate open and I was awaken. On memory I wrote my dream in my journal and sketched it. Through prayer and spiritual guidance from the holy spirit I started to paint. I kept adding bits and pieces from the book of revelation 11:15. Which mentions the 7th angel blowing the trumpet. A sign that the Lord has taken over the kingdom of the world. In my painting the male angel on the left is guarding the gate to heaven. To the right a female angel is blowing the 7th trumpet. If you look closely in my painting hiding among the midst of the flowers are angels and trumpets.

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