The light in my storm…oil painting

The light in my storm is a spiritual oil painting  of prayer to God.  During this rough period in my life I was going through a moment of anger , despair and sadness .  I started this painting  when my father was diagnosed with liver  cancer. I surrendered all my emotions in prayer to the Lord.  I prayed that  God  would help my dad get through the  bodily suffering of cancer  and  any fear of dying to deminish.  I prayed that God would comfort him during his death and that he would peacefully. be delivered to our Heavenly Father in heaven.  During my time of sorrow  I knew God would give me the strength to accept what was happening in my life and the life of my family .   My father passed on  October 13, 2015  he was diagnosed with liver cancer on September 25 2015.  Dad I know you are home  now ….for our life on earth is only temporary.   Love you and miss you dad.   In my heart your memories live.  And I will see you  again. image