Jesus falls the first time.

Jesus falls the first time.

I painted this during lent 2013. I was going through trials in my own life and turned all my worries over to God. As I attended the “stations of the cross ” at my local church I realized at that moment during my bad times I must get up and keep on going. My pain and suffering is nothing compared to the death of Jesus. God loved us so much that he gave us his only begotten son to die for us. Which tells me that God is for me to make me stronger and better. I must have faith and believe in the end everything will work out for the best.


Lion and the lamb

Lion and the lamb

Painted Oct 2013….this painting was inspired by a dream I had. In my dream the earth was covered with sand. Wind blew over the land. I saw several lions as they laid on the ground on their bellies looking up. They feared the wind and did not move. This painting reminds me of the day to come when we all love one another. No more fighting just human kindness among all on the earth..